Rich Dog Tuxedo WatchDog Collar

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Instant Watch [WatchDog Collar]! Just add 1 heaping [WatchDog Collar] and stir.

I make time for your [WatchDog Collar], one [WatchDog Collar] at a time, time after time…and time again.

Dog Collar Watch

[WatchDog Collar] Watch. I Want This One in The Middle.

Black and white hand made leather [WatchDog Collar] with watch for dog.
Xlarge size – 22″-27″
2″ wide
2″ brilliant bling watch face
Heavy duty hardware

The Most Clever Rich [WatchDog Collar] of all Time

Give Your Dog the Time of it’s Life

Get your rich dog a one of a kind Watch [WatchDog Collar]™ This rich dog [WatchDog Collar] watch is a real social conversation grabber in the dog park, possibly giving you the time of your life.

This tuxedo dog collar is an actual watch that keeps time for you and your dog, but your dog wears it on their collar, not you. When out walking your dog or any other time with your dog, wouldn’t you just rather not wear a watch? This first one is for showing off a top dog in sleek fashion. If that is not your dog’s style, you will want to see the upcoming dog collar…Junkin’ Dog™ The junkyard dog’s time is nearing.

See Dread Bizorr for history of the Cane Corso Limo drivin’ dog named Dread Bizorr that inspired the Tuxn style Watch Dog Collar… A Cane Corso…a real Dog’s Dog. The Cane Corso breed deserves the rich dog look and feel of rich leathers, diamonds and watches; among other top rich dog accessories.

Everyone knows what a traditional watchdog is and thinks of a watchdog as a dog who watches over, as in guarding. Years ago the phrase watchdog caused me to imagine a watch on my dog…I could not wear a watch due to a magnetic issue that caused watches to stop on me within 1 hour of wearing them. My dog was continually at my side, so it only made sense to have my dog wear my watch for me.

We proudly announce the first Watch Dog Collar you will see on many of my sites selling these custom made watches for rich dogs. Yes, a real 12 diamond watch is on the Tuxn style dog collar, custom made  for rich Cane Corso dogs. If your dog begs nicely… I’m sure the CC dogs will let your best friend in on their new dog collar creation designed  for Cane Corsos. But always be sure to check for the trademark “Watch Dog Collar™”
Custom made luxurious designer watch dog collars for Chiweenie and chihuahua puppies and adults are now available; for the BIG and the small of it.

Leave a comment to get informed only when new one of a kind RICH DOG collar designs are finished. Calls and emails are welcome if you want to be first to see my newest one-of-a-kind “Watch Dog Collar” creation before release for sale on the web.
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We will be taking Paypal and all credit cards through Paypal, America’s favorite way to pay Online.

Watch for Dog Watch Collar entry offer to win a RICH DOG Watch Dog Collar™ for your own Cane Corso show off on Facebook – user is Cane Corsos.
The Rich Dog Watch Dog Collar™ … custom watches for dogs designed by Clazi are now available to order. This first dog collar design showcases a real watch with real diamonds and a tuxedo collar with leather bow and extra rich bling on a dog collar. Sporting an authentic designer watch and upscale bling is the Watch Dog Collar’s signature. But always look for the original Watch Dog Collar™ trademark to be assured your rich dog collar watch is the real thing. No replica Rolexes or fake watch brands of any kind will ever be used on any custom, one of a kind designer Watch Dog Collar™ made by Clazi.


Watch for authentic top luxury brand names such as Cartier and Longines presently in the works for the very RICH DOG.

More Videos of More Over-the-Top Rich Dog Collars by Clazi


i am making the newest and most clever dog collars for rich dogs and poor lil' rich dogs, rich in love.

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